Anti Aging Treatment – Basic Hints About Your Options

ID-100149334Anti aging treatment can be applied on the skin which is experiencing some of the tell tale signs of aging. Many people do really want to look younger and don’t want to face the reality that aging brings. Luckily, today there are readily a lot of effective anti aging treatments you can choose from to have your face or skin looking or having that glow you so much desire. This article pinpoints some of the treatments that are now recommended by dermatologists to individuals that are keen on rejuvenating their body or skin from the effects of aging.

What causes an aging skin?

This could be a hard question needing an easy answer. Aging is natural and with the passage of time the body or skin gets weaker. It cells begins to lose some of its natural properties and elasticity. Collagen, Elastin, and certain fats in the body depreciates in quantity and this is what really causes the aging signs like wrinkles, sagging skin, folds, creases, fine lines, under eye bags, uneven skin tone, age spots, and spider veins etc to appear on the face, neck, chest etc. These occur naturally when the body is really aged but in some people ‘aging’ skin may appear quicker than expected and this why the need for anti aging treatments has become so intensified.

Anti aging treatments today

There are different kinds of anti aging treatments you really can go for. Depending on the signs of aging you are trying to get rid of or reduce, the dermatologist can recommend any or a combination of the following anti aging treatments for you:

  • anti aging or anti wrinkle creams, serums, lotions or gels
  • natural or home remedies
  • diet and supplements intake – especially with emphasis on Resveratrol, erithropoietin ( EPO), Human chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), vitamin supplements, insulin treatment, and oxytocin etc.
  • hormone treatment or hormone therapies with increase in the Human Growth Hormone ( HGH)

Other treatments include:

  • skin abrasion
  • dermal fillers
  • wrinkle relaxing injections like Botox injections
  • Chemical peel
  • skin tightening procedures or Refirming
  • Radiofrequency ( GFX or NO-TOX)
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Non surgical face lift etc.
  • The newest forms of anti aging treatments you should also know are:
  • Fat transfer
  • thread lift
  • Hylaform – Recently approved by the FDA

These are some of the most effective anti aging treatments your can choose from. While some may be natural others are cosmetic procedures that will cost you fortune.

4 Original Types of Kratom Strains you Should Lookout for

It’s important to take your time in reading this article. It contains 4 of the original types of Kratom strains that you should be on the lookout for.

  1. Thai Kratom Strains – Thai Kratom is one of the best in the marketplace. Its stains are long lasting and known to have the most sedating effects on users. Thailand is one of the countries where Kratom grows heavily; hence its stains of Kratom should be considered when you seek for the best kratom leaves in the marketplace.
  1. Malaysian Kratom Strains – Just as the name implies, these strains of Kratom come from the trees grown in Malaysia. This is another country where the Kratom leaves are widely grown. The properties of the Malaysian Kratom help to stimulate the body when low doses are ingested. A very relaxing and narcotic effects can be established when high doses are taken.
  1. Bali or Java Kratom Strains – This is the Indonesian version of the Kratom Strain. The Bali strain has properties that stimulate the body when taken at low doses and causes relaxation when taken in high doses. In other words, Bali strains are similar in effects like what obtains with the Malaysian strains.
  1. Maeng Da Kratom Strains – This is another form of Thai strains. It has energizing effects but has less euphoric effects than other strains. Compared with other strains, it is the longest of them all. A high quality of this strain comes in green color and has active dose from 1-2 grams. However, this strain has more jittery effects than other strains and critics states the effects are not long lasting!

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